Vancouver Church of Christ (Vanchurch)


  • We are a local church consumed with knowing Jesus more and more and sharing Jesus with people as much and as often as possible.
  • We have a "nickname" - Vanchurch. Our "full name" is Vancouver Church of Christ, which is our denominational heritage.

Jesus is everything. We find our identity - as individuals and as a church - in who Jesus is, what he has done, and who he has made us to be. Thus our vision statement reflects becoming like him: We are called to become like Christ in our world. We want our values to reflect that as much as our beliefs do. We want to value Jesus and his glory, nor out own.

Location: 9019 NE 86th Street, Vancouver, WA 98662

Sunday Gatherings:

Acapella Worship: 8:30AM

Bible Class: 10AM

Instrumental Worship: 11:15AM

Contact Us

Phone: (360)696-0548