Jane Hansen

Hi, I am Jane Hansen.  I love decorating, designing, simplicity, nature, art, music, and LOVE.

I came to TOC through the website back in 2009 when I was looking for a local choir to sing with that was not church-related.

I hadn't sung for several years and wanted to be part of making music together after growing  up in church and school and college choirs.  Also, I think I read somewhere singing and learning music staves off Alzheimer's and such.  I'm not sure about that but when I am singing and learning music I seem to think a bit clearer.  I also wear two hearing aids, one that I just recently lost while gardening in the wild.  I am married, lived in some local wilderness with my husband, dog Isabelle, and cat, Katmandu.  Presently I am remodeling our rental into a very nice single residence condo on our property.

Here's to another wonderful season with TOC!