About Us

The Touch of Class Chorale is a dynamic and growing group of dedicated members who love to sing and share it with the community.  The founding director of this choir was Orell Peru, a much-loved and respected choir director in the Battle Ground school district during the 1940s to early 1970s.  When Peru said "yes" to a request from his former students to form an alumni choir, the group honored their director by naming themselves "The Peruvian Singers".  In 1978 the choir changed its name to Touch of Class Chorale.

Touch of Class Chorale has been rehearsing and performing in the greater Vancouver, WA area for over 40 years, and boasts several members with a long-term commitment to the group.  As in the past, they perform at multiple venues during the Christmas holiday season and in the spring.  Performing Christmas repertoire during the Festival of Lights at The Grotto in Portland is  a favorite performance every year.

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Our Mission

Sing together.  Share together.  Smile together.

The Touch of Class Chorale mission is to have fun singing choral music together in practice and performance while sharing these musical experiences and proceeds with community charities.


Unique among community choirs, Touch of Class Chorale has the specific mission of giving back to the community in song by uniting and sharing with local charities. Each choral season, the performances are dedicated to specific charities and those charities receive half of the proceeds on ticket sales.

Touching hearts and enhancing lives in a nurturing and affirming environment is key to the success of this vibrant group.  Rehearsals and performances are geared to providing a rich and fulfilling musical experience for our members, our patrons, and our audiences through the universal and unifying power of music.

We hope you experience this with every interaction of our members.